Marina Espín

Specialised translator with a Law degree and Intellectual Property Master.

I am a native Spanish speaker with extensive knowledges of English and French and I am perfectly capable of offering you a quality service.

Professionalism, accuracy and quality are the foundation blocks of my translation services.


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Specialised Translations

Sometimes due to the type of text and in order to have an accurate reproduction of the content of the original document a specialised translator may be needed. Contracts, trademark applications, trademark oppositions…choosing the right words is essential and can also make a difference. As a result, we will obtain an accurate and quality translation.

Proofreading and
text revision

Proofreading and text revision are both essential tools for success in the translation process.

Audio and
Video Tanscription

To transcribe an audio or video file is to write down everything that is spoken in those files. I offer verbatim transcription services, which is the process of transcribing a recording to text without omitting a single word, in order to avoid contextual contradictions or misunderstandings.




Specialisation in Intellectual Property. In order to translate legal texts, it is essential to be familiar with the legal language and specific terms. Furthermore, using the appropriate terms is key to achieving high-quality translations.


Literary translations require a lot of skill as well as an excellent understanding of the source and target languages. Bearing in mind the social background, the translated document has to create the same image as the original text.

Advertising and

When talking about this area of translation high levels of creativity are required in order to get the message across. It is crucial to make sure that the message is culturally-sensitive to the target market.


Website translation is key to effectively communicate with customers since a webpage is considered as a shop window because it carries a company personal image.

What languages do we translate?

Language combinations

Spanish - English
English - Spanish

Spanish - French
French - Spanish

English - French
French - English

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Translation pricing

Rates differ based on the service required, (translation, text revision, proofreading, transcription…) the type of file, the selected languages, your deadline and the degree of complexity of the content.

If you need an urgent translation do not hesitate to contact Mev Translations. We only accept urgent translations if a high-quality result is assured.

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